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  • Sonus 120 Bass Piano Accordian

    Sonus is the own brand of importer Accordeons Bonné, made by Bugari Armando.

    In mint condition and has been serviced.It also has Cassotto:A cassotto is a 'sound chamber' within some more expensive accordions that contains one or more reed blocks of the treble side of the instrument. The sound of a cassotto register is warmer, less sharp than that of a register with unenclosed reeds.

    • Product info

      Warranty 3 months (limited)
      Model Sonus Professional
      What's in the box

      1 x Accordian

      1 x Hard case


    R49 000,00 Regular Price
    R34 995,00Sale Price
    Color: Black
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    • Musiek Wêreld Bellville