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  • Samson CO-2 Pencil Condensor Dual Pack Microphones

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    The Samson C02 Pencil Condenser Microphones are small-diaphragm mics designed to capture every nuance and characteristic of your productions. Excelling in both live and recording applications, their low mass diaphragms employ a linear frequency response with optimal transient pickup that make the C02s perfect for miking acoustic instruments. With the ability to handle sound pressure levels of up to 134dB SPL, the C02s are just as ideal for use as drum overheads or cymbal mics.

    Packaged as a pair, the C02s are matched to be within ±0.5dB sensitivity of each other. This particularly suites them for stereo miking applications where accuracy is critical. The C02s feature a tight cardioid polar pattern to capture audio in front of the microphone, while minimizing pickup from the side and back of the mics. So increasing isolation and reducing feedback.

    All held within a protective carry case, each C02 mic comes with a proprietary shock-mounted mic clips to provide maximum isolation from vibrations, while minimizing noise. In addition, the two included foam windscreens can be fitted to greatly reduce wind noise when used in outdoor environments, or for reducing plosives in vocal applications.

    • Product Info

      Warranty 12 months (limited)
      Model CO-2 Dual pack
      What's in the box

      1 x Mic case

      2 x Mics

      2 x Mic clips

      2 x Mic Windshields


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